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Community-Based Programs

Bowels of Mercy International Health Initiative (BOMIHI)
BOMIHI works to improve the health of people living in high-need areas in Africa by strengthening fragile health systems and increasing access to quality healthcare. BOMIHI partners with local healthcare providers in select African countries to achieve this goal.
Learn more at www.bowels-of-mercy.org


Care and Share
The Care and Share project was established in 2008 to help those who are less fortunate and/or are experiencing economic hardship. The program served 80 to 100 families in Camden County, New Jersey weekly. The program shut down in March 2011 due to the lack of funding to maintain the much-needed lease space.
In August 2012, GLCM re-launched the program in Gloucester County, New Jersey and continues to provide services to families in Paulsboro and surrounding communities. Program participants receive a free balanced nutritional lunch and snacks, a bag of fresh produce, perishable and non-perishable food items every week. The distribution of non-perishable food items is based on family size. The Care and Share program is open to the public every Sunday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., second Saturday of each month from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and by appointment for residents in need of emergency food and clothing.

Clergy Counseling Support Services
Clergy Counseling Support Services provides crisis management and prison-related family support.

Crusaders Youth
Established in 2005, Crusaders Youth programs are designed for youth in Paulsboro, New Jersey and surrounding Gloucester County communities. Under Crusaders Youth, GLCM addresses all aspects of a child’s development, from health to academics, sports, arts, leadership, and college/job preparatory training programs. Our youth development and leadership programs include one-to-one mentoring and quarterly seminars. GLCM is focused on increasing youth’s ability to set and reach goals, improve relationships with family, adults, and peers, and to learn to give back to their communities. In addition to leadership seminars, the youth also participate in an eight-week public speaking training. Facilitators from Toastmasters International provide training services at GLCM’s Paulsboro facility. Learn more at www.crusadersyouth.org

Crusaders Youth Camp (CYC)
The highlight of Crusaders Youth is the annual two-week residential summer camp designed for youth between the ages of six and 21.  Crusaders Youth Camp (CYC) is not limited to the youth in Gloucester County. Youth from North America, West Africa and the United Kingdom make up the student population. CYC is typically hosted by colleges and universities in different parts of North America, giving participating students an opportunity to experience a college campus, with lots of fun activities and hand-on workshops (i.e., science, technology, engineering, math, photography and film, sewing and fashion design, financial management, healthy lifestyles, leadership, debate, swimming, contact sports, dance, and social skills). GLCM also keeps the older students engaged in college preparation activities such as developing a personal statement, applying for financial aid and scholarships, and preparing for college interviews. Not only do participating students see that college can be exciting and fun, GLCM’s goal is to ensure that they learn about many interesting career options, particularly in STEM fields and careers. Learn more at www.glcmcrusaders.org


Healthy Communities
Glorious Light Christian Ministries launched the Healthy4U initiative in March 2014. Certified medical professionals working with Glorious Light Christian Ministries provide free health screenings and cardiovascular health education to residents, community-based agencies, faith-based organizations, and assisted living communities in Gloucester County, New Jersey. Onsite health screenings are conducted on the second Saturday of each month at 104 East Broad Street, Paulsboro, NJ 08066. Mobile services are also available for groups and by appointment.

Helpers of our Joy

Helpers of our Joy is a free monthly personal development seminar that is open to the public. The seminar is designed to help individuals and families identify and fulfill their God given purpose.

Journey of Love

Journey of Love is designed for individuals of marriageable age, soon to be married and newly married couples. This program is focused on educating young adults and married couples about preparing for and maintaining a healthy marriage.
Learn more at www.journeyoflove-glcm.org

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